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I believe that the person makes the habits then the habits make the person. These habits then turn into success. Everybody is made up of a bunch of habits and they help us function on a physical, social and mental level, they’re like drivers of our system. 

These habits come from repeated behaviour over a period of time. Some habits are productive and helpful to us which we call ‘good habits’. Such as exercise and waking up early. Others can cause damage or are just not beneficial which we call ‘bad habits’. Such as overeating, overspending and smoking. We all have good and bad habits, it can’t be helped but it can pose a big problem when your bad habits far outweigh the good ones especially when they’re destructive.  

We all want to be successful and because of that we have dreams, aspirations, goals etc. According to a University of Scranton study, only about 8% of people accomplish their goals. Nearly half the year has past now how many of us have stuck to our New Year’s resolutions? Success habits are the good habits we need to implement to ensure our success in lif. They don’t rely on unreliable things such as motivation or will power even though they are needed initially. You should think of motivation and willpower like pushing a car or juicing a car battery when it fails to start, once the car kickstarts they’re no longer needed. 

Habits are more reliable; will you be comfortable flying with an inexperienced and unreliable pilot or an experienced and reliable one? You’ll need to practice these habits regularly until they become automatic and you won’t even notice when you’re doing them sometimes.”

10 Traits of Successful People:

Adopting “Success Habits” will prepare you for success, amazing right? Think of it like an airport, before a plane lands the pilot needs to prepare for landing and so does the airport, to make sure that there are no planes or anything in the runway before the plane lands, etc. 
In no particular order, here are 10 success habits/traits you can implement to start changing your life and prepare you for success. 

    1)  Daily Reading

Warren Buffet said the more you learn, the more you earn. Ideally you should spend about an hour to read everyday. It’s good to read about your industry or interests, competitors, current events, pop culture and other relevant things. When you read everyday you broaden your horizon and earning potential just like how many people go to further their education for the latter reason. Books in my opinion are like pilots of the imagination and can take you far and wide as long as you’re onboard. You can start of with our handpicked books section for free summary and review reading, That will really help you get started. Just click here.   

    2)  Effective Planning

Imagine you’re going to a new place, are you not likely to use a GPS? A plan is like a map and it’s easy to get lost without one in the busy and complex roads of life. In order to have a good sense of direction, successful people usually spend some time at night to plan out their next day, i.e. some goals they want to accomplish and how they’ll go about them. It doesn’t have to be a crazy or complex plan a simple one will do just fine. It doesn’t stop at planning because they actually put their plans in motion the next day. Life doesn’t always work out as planned, but with a plan, you can adjust without losing focus or momentum.

You should use the weekend to plan your whole week and ideally the last days of the month to plan the new month. Measure these goals against the goals you’ve set for the year like your New Year’s resolutions. 

 3)  Budgeting

Many successful people didn’t come from money so they’ve had to learn to manage money. Many of us are impulsive spenders, what comes to your mind first when you get paid? Technology has made parting ways with our money as easy as a tap or click. How many times have you asked yourself, where did my money go? More times than I care to admit. It’s even easier when the items are on sale, we’ve heard how crazy people go on Black Friday. When you don’t budget yourself accordingly, the ego has a funny way of shrouding our behaviour in excuses. Sometimes we even buy stuff online we never use! Wise spending is something we need to know but so many of us choose to be caught in the vicious cycle of poor decisions. 
How can you decrease over-spending? If you can take 10 minutes every day to budget and track your spending properly, then you’ll be ashamed of your unholy spending, you can use apps like You Need A Budget (YNAB) for this or a notepad. Obviously, it won’t be easy initially but you have to commit yourself to 5-10 minutes everyday. 

    4) Effective Daily Routine

After a much-needed night’s rest, your morning routine is essential to how your day will be shaped. What you do with your morning is very important just how breakfast is essential for your overall health. Your routine should include gratitude it can be as simple as a prayer or even writing down what you’re grateful, exercising, saying your affirmations, meditation, etc. At first it may be hard to keep up with your routine but can do it with the right daily schedule. Your success habits should be combined in a certain way, and it’s best if you have fixed time slots for everything. You won’t get the best combo on first try so it’s okay to try different combos out before you find your rhythm. You need to know when you’re most productive during a day’s cycle, is it mornings, afternoons or evenings? 
Some students for example may prefer studying in the evening and some may prefer afternoons. After a day’s work you should figure out how to wind down in the evening, maybe drinking a cup of tea to relax and watching tv for a bit. You should also prepare for the next day for example, ironing your clothes for work or writing down your plans for tomorrow.  In essence, your whole day can be an example of success if it’s structured well. 

    5) Self-Discipline

According to BrianTracy, this habit guarantees all the others, it’s like a promo code or a meal deal. Self-disciple isn’t easy because it goes against what your body likes which is immediate gratification or satisfaction. When you have self-discipline, you’ll also gain traits like self-control, self-mastery, self-awareness, patience, and the icing on the cake is that it’ll lead to long term success; so, it really is a good deal. You will have to look beyond the horizon. The habit of self-discipline goes hand in hand with success in every area of life. For example, you want to get a six-pack after the first few days your motivation and willpower has waned and you feel sore, tired, hungry, and wanna quit but it is self-discipline and having a clear purpose in mind that will keep you going.  

    6) Solid Purpose

A purpose driven life is a life truly worth living because it gives you direction. You can say that your purpose is your ‘true north’. Without purpose, you end up living by somebody else’s standards, or just follow the crowd and never live up to your full potential. 
You need a solid purpose not just a soft one. It’s like comparing someone with 2020 vision to a short-sighted person. Moreover, you have powers within you waiting to be unlocked like a character in a video game. Describe your life purpose, include details about every aspect of your life. Be sure you want these things and aren’t just doing what others expect you to do. With purpose and action, you can bring almost any vision into fruition. 
For example, before Roger Bannister people thought it was impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes but because he had purpose and backed it up with action he did the ‘impossible’. You should follow the road map of your purpose on a daily basis because to stick to your other success habits you need to be purpose-oriented see (simple strategies for finding your purpose in life)

    7) Practice & Hard Work

According to Dean Graziosi, author of Millionaire Success Habits, practice makes permanent not just perfect. To be great at something requires a lot of investment of time, energy and money. Mark Cuban said that you need to “work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you”. He also didn’t take a vacation for 7 years when his company was a start-up.  
Another example is the infamous tennis player, Serena Williams who since childhood has been waking up at 6 am to practice tennis and even her after school activities were tennis related. Don’t be cheap with your hard work when building your foundation for success. A house with a weak foundation will soon collapse. If you take a short cut you’ll get cut short.  
Hard work might will involve saying ‘no’ and never giving up. 
When you hit a wall if you can’t scale it, break it then you should go around it or even beneath it. You have to hit things from different angles, with different tools and some grit. You don’t usually get your suitable answers immediately and often times through the process you find you need to adjust your approach, but the end goal is always the same. 

    8)Taking Action & Risks

Action speaks louder than words. Your actions will materialise your success and being on job is essential to your success. When you take action daily you get closer to your dreams inch by inch. You need to fight your fears, doubts, worries and procrastination and launch yourself like a rocket toward achieving your goals both big and small. So how do you go about taking action? Simple answer is to ‘just do it’, like Nike says. On a practical level, you should find one thing you’ve been procrastinating on and do it for 10 minutes everyday and over time it will become 20, 30,40 then an hour! You also need to be a risk-taker, nothing ventured nothing gained. 
Nora Denzel (interim CEO of Outerwall) said “if you don’t take risks you’ll always work for someone who does.” Great people are great risk takers who accept uncertainty, embrace change and go out of their comfort zone to do what’s needed. People may say it’s impossible but only those hungry for success will eat its fruits. Even if the progress is minimal, as long as it’s constant, you can move closer and not be left behind.  

    9) Health Consciousness

Health is wealth. Developing health consciousness means that you must watch your diet, and always eat the right foods in the right portions. Our bodies spend more than 50% of its energy digesting carbohydrates, fats, and sugars. Focus on natural fats and sugars through fruits & vegetables but stay away from GMOs. Making healthy decisions are hard, especially when you’re busy so you should plan your means in the morning or evening to make things easier. Also, you should have a fruit handy for snacking in case you get peckish. You must exercise regularly, (15 mins minimum) you can start with walking. You should keep your sport shoes near your bed so they can act as reminder in case you forget or are feeling reluctant. 
Finally, you must have good rest and recreation habits like sleeping for 8 hours and participating in sports that will help you live a properly healthy lifestyle. When you’re sick you usually think about when you were well and how you messed it up or when you will get well again. Your health is subject to your daily living habits. Your diet, exercise and resting habits are very crucial to your functionality.  So, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is the gym part of your plans? When will you go to bed tonight? When will you wake up tomorrow morning? 

10) Embracing Failure

The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. Being afraid of failure is actually counterproductive. Apparently, Benjamin Franklin said, “in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” he should’ve added failure in that mix. Michael Jordan said “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Success and failure are two sides of a coin. 
To walk through the hall ways of success, you must pass through the labyrinth of failure. Failure isn’t merely part of the process but also a turning point because when you learn from your mistakes you’ll be better. You do this by analysing your mistakes, omissions or short-comings then making a plan to avoid them. 
Failure is needed to form the mental patterns of a winner so, you should continue trying until you finally reach all your goals. Most people avoid trying new things because they feel failure may be lurking in the shadows. However, that’s really why they don’t change and get stuck in a rut or a vicious cycle. 
Failure is a power than can be harnessed to catapult you to success when you embrace it. 
In retrospect, you are where you are and what you are today because of your habits. You can have full control over the shaping of your character. personality and future by believing that these habits can be developed and starting to develop them. 
When you develop the same good habits possessed by other successful people, you will enjoy having success in common. There are more success habits one can adopt but these 10 are enough to begin with, you can comment below some important habits you feel I missed or some habits you’re already implementing. 
Don’t try to take on two or more habits when starting out or you will overwhelm yourself. Instead, pick the easiest one and after a couple months let it lead you to the next habit you want to develop.  You can check out my other posts on habits if you’re interested in more habit break downs (see Habits that will lead to success )

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