“The Secret” deals with “The Law Of Attraction” , it says whatever we think about will come to our life, that means by thinking about something we are actually attracting it into our life, no matter good or bad. Law of Attraction will work.

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Every great person ever lived, became successful by “The Secret”. Newton, Edison, Mother Teresa, Da vinci everyone knew “The Secret”. ”The Secret” gives you anything you want, be it health, wealth or happiness.

So what really is “The Secret”?

“The Secret” is “The Law Of Attraction”. Whatever that’s coming into your life right now, you are attracting it by your thoughts. Whatever you want in your life no matter how big or small you can get it by the hep of your thoughts.

But here’s the problem, ”The Law Of Attraction” is the universal law. It works whether you know about it or not. For example if you jump from 13th floor you know you are going to fall. That’s the law of gravity. Now whether you know about the law of gravity or now it will work the same universally. Same way law of attraction will work anyway. No matter how good or bad is your thought you will attract it into your life.

 that’s what happens always rather than thinking about what we want we think about what we don’t want. Which results in more of what we don’t want. Think of this when you are late for bed a night you think you are going to be late for work tomorrow, then you are definitely going to be late. If you think you are becoming fat day by day, You will become more fat. If you think about not having money, you wont get it. That’s the power of your thoughts. But here’s the trick rather than thinking about how fat you are, Think about getting a well shaped body. Rather than thinking about not having money, Think about earning some and creating wealth. And Law of Attraction will make it happen for you.

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You see yourself what you are today, But what you are today is a result of your thoughts in the past. You can change it today. Have good rather the best thoughts for your future and you will have a best future.

Stop complaining about your life, By doing so you are attracting more bullshit in your life. Rather think of how to make a great life out of it. Only you choose what you love in your life and what you don’t. You are the master of your thought so why not think big, Think great. There’s limit how much you can attract in your life by your thoughts with The Law Of Attraction.

Here’s how to use “The Law Of Attraction”

Step 1:-ASK

Ask yourself what you want. If you have the power to have whatever you want what is the thing or things that you want. Get clear apon it. I would suggest write it down on a piece of paper.

Remember you can have whatever you go deep down yourself and ask what you want.


Next step is to believe that whatever you want is already matter what it will come to you. You are getting it and you don’t have to worry about it.


By getting clear on what you want and believing that its yours you already alined yourself in the order of receive it. And soon you will be seeing the changes. That thing will literally come to you. Sounds comical but that’s not. It will come to you no matter what.

And that’s how “The Law Of Attraction” works.

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I read tones of books. Each book says you have to work hard to achieve something. That’s why law of attraction and things said in “The Secret” are kind of not in line with my believes. I was the person who thought that just by thinking about something and not actually working hard for it I am going to get it this sound a bit odd to me.

But trust me it really works,

That doesn’t mean I was wrong, Actually the thing is when you consistently think about something you will eventually work for it. Its your inner urge that induces you to work for it.

If you consistently think about earning money, You aren’t going to just sit back and wait for it to come to matter how much you hate it but you will find yourself working for it. Finding new ways to earn money.

And that’s how “The Law Of Attraction” works.


I suggest “The Secret” to everyone who is on a mission. Anybody who wants to achieve anything in life should read “The Secret”.

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