Let me tell you an interesting story about a man whose life literally shows failure is the first step to success. He failed a hundred times but at last became successful. His name is Jack ma. And this is jack ma’s success story.

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Jack Ma


If i ask you which is the biggest online commerce company you would most probably say AMAZON or eBay. That’s quite natural because you heard about the success stories of jeff bezos and amazon. But that’s not true. The biggest e-commerce company is That has the market capitalisation greater than amazon and ebay combined together. The reason for success of Alibaba being its owner Mr. Jack ma.

Jack ma is the richest person in china having net worth of $36.2 billion. Let us  look at his journey to be on the top.

Born on September 10,1964 in Hangzhou, china was MA YUN or as we know him jack ma.
His parents were traditional musician who also did storytelling as an extra source of income.

From the childhood itself  jack ma was interested  in learning English language, as very a few in china speak English at that time. To learn English jack ma used to rode his bike to the city to meet with foreigners and guide them for free, but in return he ask for teaching him English. He did this for almost 9 years. It was one of these foreigners who gave him the name jack.

Jack ma failed in university for 3 times. He did his graduation in English from hangzou university.

When KFC came to china 24 people applied. Out of them 23 got selected and only one rejected that was jack ma.

Applied for Harvard 10 times and got rejected.

Later on started working as and English teacher where his pay was just $10 per month.

Applied for 30 jobs got rejected. 

Jack ma went to united states occasionally where he was introduced to the internet by his friend.

For the first time he searched “BEER”. He get many results from many countries but none from china. Later he found there is nothing about china on the internet. So he and his friend created a website about china. And within a few hours of creating the site they started receiving emails from people interested to know him.

This incident taught jack ma that there is more to internet and this could be the big thing. So jack ma and his friend arranged $20000 and started an internet company in 1995. They named the company as “china yellow pages”. Which became huge within a short time generating $800000 USD at that time.

Later on in 1999 jack ma decided to start a B2B selling company and named it Alibaba now serves more than 79 million customers from 200 countries.

In the year 1999 and 2000 Alibaba got the funding of 25 million.

In the year 2014 September, Alibaba launched an IPO of $20 billion at NYSE. And became the most valuable company after raising $25 billion in IPO. And made jack ma a man of fortune.

Jack ma’s story tells us if you have a vision, if you believe in yourself no matter what no matter how many times you fail, how many times you fall, you will rise, you will win, you will be successful.

So just believe in yourself, and believe I the future. It will all be good if not you have the power to make it good.

Have a great journey.


Best wishes from wagabiz.

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