Success Story Of Stephenie Meyer 

The Writer Of Best Novel And The Creator Of Greater Love Affair - Twilight

There is a wonderful success story about a writer whose life changed literally over night.
She dreamed a vivid story with seemingly real characters which she could not forget. 
The dream took over her. After she did only necessary things and postponed everything else, she sat and wrote down the story and it took her three months to finish her first novel.

Her name is Stephenie Meyer and her novel was Twilight, the top talked about novels in 2005. Twilight was number 5 on the NY Times bestseller list.

Later she wrote another three novels from the same series of Twilight, each of them number one on the NY Times bestseller list. 
Movies are already released based on first two parts of her Twilight Saga. Don’t need to mention that they also made a huge success.
I want to emphasize the importance of her dream. 

The story was within her all the time and the dream revealed it.

But also, maybe more important is that she took action! She set aside all other important things and wrote the story. 

For the next three months no one besides her sister knew that she was writing a novel.
And now she is a millionaire! What a wonderful success story. 

I would like to experience similar one.
Stephenie's Story Is The Real Example That Dreams Comes True.

I've Heard The Saying That Says Take You're Dreams Seriously They Can Be Your Future.
There Are Many Stories That Most Successful People Saw There Success In Dreams And Later On Make It come True.

Larry Page Saw Google In His Dreams.

Stephenie's story makes us realise that when you have a dream that is worth fighting for and you give your 100% that dream will become success.   

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