Hiring new employees can feel like a daunting task. You saw your business grow from the ground up, and choosing people to hand things off to is downright scary. 

It’s a lot like being a new parent trying to pick the right nanny or babysitter – you don’t want to leave your baby in the hands of just anyone. 

Thankfully, there are some ways to make the hiring process a bit easier and to give you a better chance of hiring the right kind of person.
  • Be clear about what the job entails and what your expectations are.

If you want to find someone who can do the job well, they need to know if they can. Don’t avoid talking about the more challenging aspects of the job and be honest about the kind of ship you run. The shoe might not fit, but it’s better to know that before the paperwork is signed than a few months later.
  • Hire for talent

And obviously, you want the best people helping you operate your business, but what good is their skill set if they don’t get along with any of your current employees? Hiring someone who would be a poor fit with your company culture is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The last thing you want is an office full of talented people who can’t stand one another. If that’s the case, the talent goes to waste because no one can focus long enough to do their job. Know that skills can be improved, but someone who will create a negative atmosphere can rarely be changed – and they shouldn’t have to be. Everyone deserves to work somewhere they can thrive.
  • It’s okay to take potentials for a test run.

If you find someone who you really think is a perfect fit, but you’re not ready to commit just yet, that’s perfectly fine! Don’t feel pressured to craft a year-long contract. Start off with a 60-90 day contract instead. If their work is great and you value their presence, then you can extend the contract. If not, you can start looking elsewhere knowing you made the right choice to test the waters first.
  • Use the tools you have – those include their social media sites.

Take a look at what they have posted for the public to see. You should never view their social media sites to look at their relationship status or what high school they went to, and you should certainly never ask for their password (I can’t imagine why anyone would), but this is a good opportunity to gage whether or not they will publicly represent your company well. If their Facebook page is full of rants about an old job, you may want to steer clear.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of articles about the best hiring tips and most of them have excellent advice. 
These are only a few of what I think are the most useful and underrated. However, each business is unique in what its priorities are. Find what works best for your company, and always remember not to settle. Search until you’ve found the right person. After all, they will be taking care of your baby – I mean business, of course.

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