Simple Strategies for Finding Your Purpose in Life

 Find Your Purpose in Life 


Discovering what you are on this planet for is a difficult question to answer for many people.  When the majority of people are asked what finding a purpose in life means to them, they generally answer in very vague terms such as, finding a purpose in life is being a good and genuine person, being the best parent I can be, being a good friend.  While these things are absolutely important, they are very general and who doesn’t want to be better in these areas of their lives.

In order to understand ones life purpose, one must dig much deeper and come up with something that they are absolutely passionate about, something bigger then yourself.  In order to do so, one must not simply give generalities that most everyone feels the same way about but think hard about what would make them feel as though they are living their dream life and everyone has something they are passionate about, something that fills them with enthusiasm and emotion.

Zig Ziglar exemplifies this extremely well in his book entitled “Over the Top”.  He says, “You will never succeed as a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific.”   With this in mind, in order to be more precise as to our purpose here on this planet, look at the following techniques for finding your particular life purpose.
  • Block out the noise around you!

Perhaps the most important thing in discovering this life purpose buried deep within us is to let go of all the negativity and noise around us in order to truly “hear” that voice within us, within our hearts that has been silent for much too long.  The child or spirit within us is that which I refer to.  There is much we can learn from outside sources in this world, but when it comes to finding a purpose in life, YOU are the only one who needs to be consulted on this subject!  In this world we live in, we are force fed so many opinions and ideas via marketing, the news and television that tell us how we supposedly ‘SHOULD BE’, that we have let go of the voice inside of our OWN hearts.
  • Start listening to yourself!

Nobody can take responsibility for your personal and spiritual growth but YOU.  I know there are plenty of people trying to tell you what is the right way to live.  Most of these opinions being shoved down your throat are being put on you, for their own agendas and not for your general well being.  Let today be the day you begin focusing your energy on Finding a Purpose in Life and start being more selective about who you listen to for life advice.
  • Adopt a Daily Journal!



In order to start developing self awareness, you absolutely must start paying attention to yourself and your inner thoughts.  Starting a journal that you put these thoughts in daily will go a long way and its been found that writing things down has a profound effect on how important these inner thoughts become to you.Ben Franklin summed this up quite well when he said – “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either do things worth writing about or write things worth reading about.”  If you look throughout history at the great thinkers and achievers, you will note that they were all writers.  They knew how important writing down and keeping track of their daily thoughts were and they left us their personal journals and letters as proof of this.

The simple act of writing helps clarify all of the random daily thoughts that could otherwise be driving you crazy.  Jotting down such profound thoughts as, “What’s the one thing that I want people to remember me for?” or “What’s the one thing that I want to accomplish before I die?” will certainly go a long way to you becoming more understanding of your own thought process and in turn listening to that little voice in your heart.  Answers to these profound question will begin to present themselves to you in a clear and concise manner.
  • And most importantly,

Discover your life purpose by keeping it in your sights and going after it with a vengeance. Afterall, we only have this one life to do the things that will determine who we are and what we stood for.


Inspiration will simply not come to you.  You have to hunt it down by foccussing your attention and energy on it.  Your purpose in life is no different.  You need to continually feed your mind with those things that will help you in your journey to fully understand your dreams and desires.  If you are passionate about something in your life, you can bet your last dollar, that someone else has also been passionate about the same thing or something very close and achieved it in their life.  and you can also bet that if they were indeed passionate about it, they took notes!


I sincerely hope you take this to heart and start your life’s quest by committing yourself to researching and discovering those things that interest and excite you.  This research along with keeping a daily journal will aid you in finding your purpose in life faster than you may have ever imagined.   Finding a purpose in life will suddenly become more than just a slogan.

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