Well Rested And Refreshed

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Get A Sound Sleep Of Full Night And Wake You Refreshed.

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The Hardest Part Of Getting Up At 5 In The Morning Is Not The Buzzing Of Alarm But It Is The Decision Whether Or Not To Hit That Snooze Button, Funny Isn’t It?  But When You Get Up Once Its Lot More Easier. It’s Not About The Time You Wake Up, Whether 5 O’clock, 6, 8, Or Even After That. But The Truth Is Your Waking Up Time Mostly Depends On The Time You Get To Bed. If You Sleep At 1 Or 2 In The Midnight Then Even If You Wake Up At 5 That’s Totally Useless, I Mean What’s After That A Whole Day Of Tiresome And Yawning.

Most Of The Successful People Gives A Lot Of Importance To Their Habit Of Waking Up Early, Whether Its Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill Gates Or Any Other Highly Successful Person. Early Birds Gets It All.

Here’s How You Can Get The Whole Night Of Sleep And Gets Refreshed Morning Route

 1)Value Your Routine More Than The Others:-

People Always Gets To Say Yes To The Things That Are Not In Their Schedule Just To Prove The Goodness. But If You Want To Be An Early Bird You Should Say Know To Such Things That Are Out Of Your Schedule. That Meeting After 8 In The Evening Or Birthday Party After 12 In The Night, Just Say Know. Those People Will Understand For Sure. They Also Have Their Schedule. Ask Them To Meet In Your Schedule Time, Say Before 6. Or Weekends Are The Best Time To Hangout.So Don’t Be Easy With Your Time.

 2) Turn Of The Screen:-

You Are Not Going Miss Any Email After 10.You Can Check That Always A Day After. Its Ok Not To Watch The Show Finale, You Can Record It Or Watch Any Time Online (Tip-Stay Away From Spoilers). It Is Advisable To Turn Off The TV And Keep Away The Mobile Phone At Least 30 Minutes Before The Bedtime.

 3)  Make Your Bed:-

Make Your Bed Always You Get Out Of It.So That The Next Time When You Saw It Will Call You To Come To It. A Well Neat And Cleaned Bed, Soft Pillows, Bouncy Bed Is Hard To Resist. That Will Help You Get To The Bed Early Each Evening.

 4) Use Your Excuses:-

Tell People You’re Doing A 5 Am Challenge. Then They Can’t Argue With Your Bunks. With The Fixed Wake Up Time Our Bedtime Has To Fixed, Too. Getting Some Free Time In The Morning Gives You Good Options To Do The Important Things.

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