How To Cerate A Perfect Online Job Profile

Right Keyword Is The Essence Of The Perfect Online Job Profile

You May Or May Not Have Seen That Summery Section On LinkedIn Profile, Which Appears Just Below Your Profile Picture. You May Have Ignored It, Take It Casually, Or Just Don’t Know What It Was.


Well, Let Me Start With What, And That Automatically Answer The Another Question Why It Is So Important.

That Summery Frames Who You Are And What Are You Looking For.

“Whether You Are Looking For A New Job, Offline Or Online Job, Or Just Looking For Business Updates”

Online Job Profile Summery Is Like Your Elevator Pitch For Whatever You Are In It For.

1)First Impression Is Last Impression:-

Summary Is The First Thing The Recruiter Will See On Your Online Job Profile. This Will At First Tell The Recruiter Who You Are And What You Are Looking For. The Additional Advantage Of Summary For You Is You Can Briefly Give An Idea About Your Expectations From The Recruiter. Your Summary Should In Brief Contains All The Necessary Information Like Experience, Skills, Motivation Etc.

Summary Is The Best Place To Make Your Online Job Profile Shine And Disclose Your Self That Is What You Want To Be Known For.

2)Boosting Your Online Job Profile:-

Your Summary Should Be Drafted In Such A Way That It Should Be Engaging And Attractive. Summary May Also Contains Some Humors And Background. Such As Your Interests, Hobbies But Keep It As Simple As Possible.

My Best Advice Is To Explain Your Passion For The Work And Why Your Company Is So Great.

3)Including The Right Keywords And Avoiding The Buzzwords:-

Including The Right And Most Searched Keywords Into Your Summary Will Help The Recruiter Get To You. Keywords Helps The Recruiter Find You Easily. Keyword Should Not Be A Buzz, It Should In Brief Explains What You Brings To The Table For The Company.
Eg-Instead Of Writing Extensive Sales Experience Write Six Years Of Product Marketing And Customer Relationship Experience. Sounds Good Isn’t It?

4)Frequently Update :-

One Of The Biggest Mistake People Do With Their Online Work Profile Is That They Make  A Profile And Never Came Back To See Or Update That Profile. You Should Not Do That Mistake. Update Your Online Job Profile At Regular Interval Of Time Say 6 Months Or A Year To Make Sure It Accurately Reflects Your Career And Path.

Here To Summarize,

To Create A Perfect Online Job Profile You Must Follow The Following Steps


1)First Impression Is Last Impression

2)Boosting Your Online Job Profile

3)Including The Right Keywords And Avoiding The Buzzwords

4)Frequently Update


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