A Man Who Never Quits

"Failure Doesn't Really Mean You Are Failed,Unless You Quit"

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I would wish to share with you a true story. It is a story about a man who never quits, a man who followed his dreams.

 He was born poor and when he was seven, his family was forced to leave their home and he had to work to support them.

 Two years later his mother died.

 At the age of 22 he started business and failed.

 Next year he was defeated for state legislature and also lost job. He could not get in to law school he wanted.

 The following year he borrowed some money to start a business but soon he was bankrupt. He was paying off this debt for 17 years.

 Then he was elected to state legislature.

 He supposed to get married, but unfortunately his fiancée died. That broke his heart.

After all these negative events, he had a total nervous breakdown and did not leave his bed for six months.
 After the recovery, two years later, he wanted to become speaker of the state legislature but was defeated.

 Two years later, he failed again. This time he wanted to become an elector.

 Then he ran for Congress, and lost. But three years later he was elected for Congress. Of course, another failure was when he was not re-elected.

 After Congress, he was rejected for the job of land officer.

 Couple of years later, he ran for Senate of the United States and lost.

 After that he was defeated for nomination for Vice President at his party’s convention with less than 100 votes.

 He lost again elections for Senate.

 But then he was elected PRESIDENT of the United States.

 His name is Abraham Lincoln and this is one of the greatest success stories that I ever heard.

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