Success Story Of Warren Buffett

This Is The Success Story Of Worlds 3rd Richest Person And Magician Of Stock Market. Yeah, You Know The Name. He Is None Other Than “Warren Buffett”.

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“If You Buy Things You Don’t Need, Soon You Will Be Selling Things You Need.”

This Is The Saying By Self Made Billionaire And Worlds 3rd Richest Person Warren Buffett. He Is Also Called As The Magician Of Stock Market Because Of His Wealth Creation Of $75 Billion From Just $5000.

He Generates The Annual Return Of About 31% Consistently. And Ranked In Top 3 Richest Person Of The World.

Warren Buffett Likes To Live A Simple Life. He Still Lives In His Same Old House Which He Bought In 1958.He Drives His Not So Fancy Car By Himself. He Did Not Have Any Guard For His Security. Even After Owning A Private Jet Company He Never Travels By The Private Jet. He Did Not Carry Any Cell phone With Him. He Truly Believes In Simple Living And High Thinking. He Believes In Giving And Donated 85% Of His Wealth To Charity.
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He Tells This Incidence Where He Was To Meet The Richest Person In The World “Bill Gates”. Bill Kept The Timing Of 30 Minutes For Meeting. Bill Said He Thought That Warren Is Of Very Different Thinking And They Don’t Get Anything To Talk About. But Everything Changed When They Met. That 30 Minutes Meeting Lasts For Nearly 10 Hours. And Bill Became The Devotee Of Warren Buffett. Bill Was So Impressed By Warren That He Wished That Meeting Would Never Be Ended.

Let Us Take A Look At Some Of Milestones Of His Life.

Born On August 30, 1930 In Omaha, Nebraska. He Was The Second Child To His Parents Howard And Leila Buffett. He Took Elementary Education In Native School In Omaha, The Rosehill Elementary School. After Completing Elementary School He Attended Alice Deal Junior High School And Graduated From Woodrow Wilson High School In 1947. Buffett Enrolled At Columbia Business School Upon Learning That Benjamin Graham Taught There Who Is His Biggest Inspiration And Roll model.

From The Childhood Itself Warren Was Earning Money By Doing Various Jobs Such As Working At His Grandfathers Grocery Shop, Delivering News Papers, Selling Cold Drinks Door To Door Etc. At The Age Of Just 11,He Made His First Investment In The Shares Of Cities Services At $38 Per Share. But The Shares Soon Dropped To $27.Bur Warren Holds The Shares Till It Reaches $40.But He Regretted The Decision Of Selling The Shares Because The Share Soon Reached To $20.But He Learned So Much About Investments. At The Age Of 13 He Filed His First Income Tax Return And At The Age Of 15 He Was Making More Money Than His Teachers.

In The Year 1956 He Started His Firm Buffett Partnership In Omaha. He Analyses The Companies And Search For The Stocks That Are Currently Undervalued But Has A High Potential. His Biggest Success Was Berkshire Hatchway, A Textile Company. Because Of Some Crisis In The Company Shares Are In The Selling List At Higher Rate. But Warren Bought A Considerable Number Of Shares And Became The Owner Of The Company. He Then Turned This Textile Company Into An Insurance And Stock Holding Company. And Now Berkshire Hathaway Is A Well Known Multinational Conglomerate Holding Company Operating Under The Leadership Of Warren Buffett.

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