7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Is The Bible For Personal And Professional Success.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People,wagabiz

Author Stephen Covey In The Book 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Propound The 7 Habits That Has Been Found Common In Most Of The Successful People. They Follow These Habits And Credit These Habits For Their Success. If These Habits Are Followed seriously It Will Lead To Immense Success.

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Without Talking Much Let Us Jump To These Habits.

Habit No 1:-Be Proactive

You May Now Know The Difference Between Proactive And Reactive Person As We Have Discussed It In Wagabiz’s Article, If You Haven’t Read It I Would Recommend You To Go And Read By Clicking Here. Author Says That You Should Be Proactive And Not Reactive. You Should Accept The Responsibility And Take Actions Accordingly.

Habit No 2:-Begin With The End In Mind

With This Habit Author Is More Concerned With Planning. Before Starting Something You Should Think About The Goal First. Where You Want To Go. After Deciding The Goal Planning Should Be Done To Achieve Those Goals. Success Of You Work Depends Upon How Well You Plan It. So Plan And Execute Accordingly.

Habit No 3:-Put First Things First

Ass The Heading Suggests This Habit Is About Setting The Priorities. An Easy Way To Set Priorities Is To List Out All Your Goals On A Piece Of Paper.
Then Categorize Each Goal Into One Of The Four Groups,
1)Important And Urgent
2)Important But Not Urgent
3)Not Important And But Urgent
4)Neither Important Nor Urgent


These Groups Are Created Based On Two Of The Main Elements, Importance And Time. Each Work Deserve Only A Certain Amount Of Importance And Time. So Each Work As Grouped Above Should Be Done Accordingly.

Habit No 4:-Think Win-Win

Most Of The People Have This Mindset Of Competition Which Says If I Win, You Lose. That Means Either Of The Two Has To Lose For Other To Win. But In Reality Each Situation Has The Way To Deal In Which There Will Be No Looser In fact Both Will Win. You Should Get The Habit To Find That Way To Create Win Win Situation. Where It Is Impossible To Find That Win Win Way, You Should Walk Away. That Means Either It Is Win Win Or No Win.

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Habit No 5:-Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

Actively Listening Is A Fine Art. You Must First Listen To The Other Person. Try To Understand His View. See From His Prospective. May Be The Person Is Correct. Only Because You Are Right That Doesn’t Mean That The Other Person Is Wrong. He May Just Have A Different View. You Must Understand Indeed What The Person Wants To Say. And While Doing So Don’t Let Your Believes Come To The Way. After Understanding The Other Person If You Feels There Is Anything Wrong Then Only Speak. If You Both Insists On Convincing Each Other On Own Prospective You Will End No Where. That’s Why First Listen Then Speak.

Habit No 6:-Synergize

Synergy Is The Habit Of Team Spirit. It Is Knowing That The Differences Exist Between The Team And Respecting These Differences. Differences Does Not Always Means Negativity. Synergy Is Dealing With These Differences In A Positive Way And Using It For Once Own Purpose. Two Different People Can See The World Differently And That’s What Synegy Helps To Achieve, An Alternative View That Both The Person Will Not Be Able To Achieve Separately.

Habit No 7:-Sharpen The Saw

This Is The Habit That Deals With The Best And Every ones Favorite Part, Relaxation. You Should Get Recharged. Relax For A While This Will Help You Work Better Further. This Habit Is More Of A Commitment To Use All The Above Habits And Never To Back Down.


7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Is Not The Rule book For Success But It Is More Like Suggestions Best On Other Peoples Opinion. Although These Habits May Take Time To Implement But Once You Get Use To It You Will Started Seeing The Results. All The Habits Mentioned Will Take Time To Be Understood And Also To Use In Real Life. But The Book Has Considered Some Of The Really Important Issues.

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I Would Recommend 7 Habits Of Successful People To Any Person Who Wants To Achieve Something Big, Whether It Be Financial Success, Personal Development Or Social Image.7 Habits Of Successful People Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Wants To Achieve Success.

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