Success story of JEFF BEZOS

This is the success story and journey of the richest man in the world, yeah you know the name 'JEFF BEZOS '

Creator:Wesley Mann

On 27th july 2017.jeff bezos defeated bill gates and became the richest man in the world.

“If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting”, these are the words of world’s wealthiest person jeff bezos, the founder and owner of AMAZON E-COMMERCE.

 amazon have now become the name that everyone knows. but 20 years back everything was different.

This is the story of a guy ( jeff bezos ) born on January 12, 1964,Albuquerque,new mexico, united states. his mother was just 17 when jeff was born. jeff’s father left him and his mother all alone when he was just 3 years old. jeff’s mother then married Miguel bezos.

From childhood itself jeff has this interest and passion towards electronic equipments. he told this incidence where he developed an alarm to prevent his stepbrother to enter into his room.
When jeff was studying in 4th grade he came to know about the mainframe computer in his school. even the school teachers didn’t have any idea how to handle the computer. and jeff along with some of his friends learned to operate the computer just by reading the manuals. seeing his talent he got silver knight award and a National Merit Scholarship from the university of florida. he graduated from Princeton University with Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.

After graduating he got a job in wallstreet,NY, in computer science field in 1986.jeff bezos always loved reading. he always reads something. he has this passion for day while net surfing he came to know that the number of web users are increasing at a tremendous rate of 2300% each year. then he got this idea of online business. he left his job to make his dreams comes true.
The first question is that what to sell online. after a lot of thinking he came up with idea of selling books online. then in 1994 he founded his online company and started its operations in 1996.
Jeff named the company as 'CADBARA.COM' but later on he changed its name to the most valuable brand soon after incorporation started growing and started selling lots of stuff also.

Jeff bezos started the company with his 2 other friends in his garage. he developed the software by himself. he got his initial investment of $300000 from his the time of giving money his father asked him “what is internet?” he said “I can’t invest in something I don’t know about” then his mother replied to his father “we are not investing in internet business, we are investing in our son”.
Parents investment turned to gold and with this 6% of stake in amazon they became the millionaire.
On 16 july 1995, jeff bezos started selling books on his site, within just a month he sold books in more than 50 states of us and 35 other countries. Jeff started working hard for his business. his hardwork paid off and till September amazon was selling $20000 worth of books every week.
Till 2007 amazon became the most valuable brand in the market.2007 prooved to be the turning point when amazon kindle came to market. kindle was loved by the customer because of its features.
Within 6 hours of launch kindle sold all of its stock and remain out of stock for nearly 5 months. because of kindle amazon started dominating the readers market all over the world.

This is the story of worlds richest person jeff bezos.

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