Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad Is By Far The Best Book Ever Written On Personal Financing.


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Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad Teach You Personal Finance, Financial Literacy And Wealth Creation Techniques And Transform Your Mindset Into That Of A Great Financier, Even If You Don’t Have Any Knowledge About These Terms Earlier. This Book Starts From Scratch To Advance Of Personal Financing And Regarded As The Masterpiece From The Robert Kiyosaki.

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In Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Tells Us About His 2 Dads. Don’t Get Me Wrong One Is His Own Dad(The Rich Dad) And The Other One Is His Best Friends Dad (The Poor Dad) They Both Were Same For Robert But When It Came To Mindset They Both Are Totally Different From Each Other.

Everyone Has Two Main Emotions Fear And Greed. These Two Emotions Stop Us From Escaping The “Rat Race”. That Is Why We Follow The Same Cycle-Go To School, Go To College, Get A Job, Play It Safe.

Fear And Greed Controls All Your Financial Actions.

Eg-When You Got Some Money, You Can Invest In Some Investment Instruments Such As Bonds, Shares Etc. Where There Is A Chance To Increase The Money And Let It Grow. But At The Same Time There Is A Chance Of Loosing It. And Here Your Fear Takes Over And You Ends Up With The Decision Of Not Investing That Money. Similarly When The Greed Takes Over You Will End Up By Spending The Whole Money On Useless Things That May Not Bring The Money Back To You, Such As Car, House, Etc.

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Sadly The Concept Of Money Is Not Taught In The School Or College. You Have To Learn It By Yourself. That Is Why Most Of The People Ends Up Being Broke Or Die Working For Others.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Emphasizes On The Mindset Of “Work To Learn” And “Not Work To Earn”.

Learn New Things Every Time, Do The Work You Have Never Done Before. Read As Much As You Can. This Will Now Immediately But Eventually Pay Off To You. Learn To Increase Your Financial IQ.
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Playing It Safe Does Not Always Works Best. Sometimes You Have To Take Risks In Order To Grow. Taking The Risk Has Some Chance Of Loosing It. But Not Taking The Risk Surely Means Loosing Out The Potential Gains. That Is Why Sometimes Its Better Not To Play Safe.

Another Idea Is To Pay Yourself First. This Means Save A Part Of Your Salary And Invest That Part In Shares, Bonds Etc . Or Use It On Your Financial Literacy. Pay Your Bills Out Of What Is Left After. This Will Help You Be Creative With Your Money.


Invest In Assets And Not Liabilities. Assets Are Anything That Pays You Back. And Increase In Value Over The Period Of Time.

Eg- Bonds, Shares, Let Out Property, Etc. Liabilities Are The Things That Never Pays You Back Instead Costs You Periodically.

Eg- House And Its Maintenance And Other Taxes, Car And Its Repairs And Maintenance Etc.

My Review:-

I Read And Learnt So Much From Rich Dad Poor Dad As Well. But It Was Really Heat Breaking For Me To Know That Most Of The Stories In The Book Are Made Up And Not Real. That Is Why The Book Has Attracted So Much Of Criticism. However, That Doesn’t Make It Less Of A Good Story Or Advice.


This Book Is A Must Read For Each And Every Person Who Have Or Had Or Has Even A Single Penny In His Or Her Hand.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki Is A Must Read For Everyone.


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