Habits That Will Lead To Sucess

Our Habits Acts As A Catalyst For The Success, Or Reason For Failure.

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 Getting The Right Habits Will Lead You To Success And Wrong Habits Will Eventually Make You Broke.

So We At Wagabiz List Out Some Habits That Will Make You An Efficient Person. If You Incorporate These Habits And Work Upon It, It Will Surely Leads You To Success.

Here Are Those Habits :-

1)Be Proactive :-

There Are Two Kinds Of People, The Proactive Ones And The Reactive Ones.

Reactive Peoples Are The Ones Who React To Any Incidence Or Circumstances Instantly, Without Thinking Anything. They Are Mostly Influence By Others. They Are Like ‘Yes Man’. On The Other Hand Proactive Peoples Are Those Who Respond After Careful Observation And Thinking. They First Think And Then Say Yes Or No Depending On Their Will. 

Reactive Peoples Believe In The Blame Game. They Always Think That Situations Are Never Under Their Control And Others Always Cause The Problems, But In Reality Their Thoughts Are The Problem. Proactive People Accepts The Responsibility. Instead Of Blaming Others They Will Find What They Could Have Done Better. 
So Get This Habit Of Using Your Brain Before Reacting.

2)Begin With The End :-

Before Starting Anything Just Once Think About The Ending Of That Work.

Think How You Want That Work To Be End With. Then Think What Are The Actions To Be Taken Today To Make The End The Way You Wanted. Ask Yourself Whether The Actions You Are Taking Today Are Taking You Towards Your Desired Goals?. End Goals And Results Should Be Your Prime Focus.

Think Of This, Your Goal (i.e End ) Is To Be A Millionaire At The End Of This Year. Then What Should Be The Thing You Can Do Today That Will Get You Closer To Your Goal. It Can Be Starting A New Business, Learning A Skill That Pays Pretty Quick Etc. 
So Get This Habit Of Beginning With The End.


3)Set Priorities :-

Getting Distracted From Your Goals Is Quite Normal. But You Should Always Set The Priorities With Your Goals. Put The First Things First. 

Here’s A step Wise Plan To Set Your Priorities-

Step 1-List Down All Your Goals, Remember It Should Be Goals And Not The Desires, Means The Things That You Genuinely Wanted To Do And Just Wish To Do.

Step 2-Then List Out The 2 Things That You Think Is The Most Important For You To Do. And Then Forgot About Other Things And Just Focus On That 2 Things Wholly. You Will See The Result.

Step 3-After The Completion These Two Goals Only Move On To Next 2 Important Goals.

Step 4-After The Completion Of Last Goal, List Down Your Desires And Then Try To Complete Those Desired And Wishes.


4)First Understand To Be Understood :-

Everybody In This World Has Their Own Story, But The Problem Is Nobody Is Interested In Others Story But Want That Others To Listen To Their Story. When You Listen To Others Prospective You Are Indirectly And Unknowingly Show Your Perspective To Them Also. Try To Listen To What People Is Saying. And Listen With The Intention To Understand Indeed What He Is Saying And Not Just With An Intention To Reply. Before Saying You Are Wrong Think Why Did He Said That. There Should Be Some Reason. Try To Think At The Place Of That Other Person. If You Keep On Criticizing That Person Will Start Defending And You Both Can Never Understand Each Other. And End Up With A Fight Or Argument.

So To Be Heard You Must First Listen.


5) Sharpen The Saw First :-

Let Me Tell You A Story, There Was A Man Trying To Cut A Tree. But After A Lot Of Efforts He Could Not Cut Down The Tree. There Was A Man Watching Him. He Came To The Man And Suggested Him To Sharpen The Saw First And Then Try To Cut The Tree. But The Man Replied “It Could Take Time”.

This Story Tells So Much About Our Habits, We Think That 30 Minutes Of Exercise Is Cumbersome But Didn’t Realise That It Will Improve Your Health.30 Minutes Of Reading Of Reading Fills Tiresome, But Don’t Think About The Knowledge We Get From That.

So Next Time Think About Sharpening The Saw First And Then Cutting The Tree.

 Here, To Conclude, 

Following Are The Habit That Will Increase Your Efficiency-

1)Habit No 1- Be Proactive,

2)Habit No 2- Begin With The End,

3)Habit No 3- Set Priorities,

4)Habit No 4- First Understand To Be Understood,

5)Habit No 5- Sharpen The Saw First.

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