Don’t Be A Workaholic, Build On Your Terms

Building A Success Without Being A Workaholic



Success Does not Always Comes From Hard Work (Being An Workaholic),
As You May Have Heard, Smart Work Is Better Than Hard Work.
Here Are Some Tips And Tricks From WagaBiz That Helps You Build Your Business Without Turning Into A Workaholic.

1)Learn To Say "NO" :-

learn to say no


  This Is The First And Foremost Requirement, You Should Learn To Say This Magical Word, Which Is Invented The Way Before You Were Born And That Magical Word Is "NO". You Have To Say No A Lot More Than You Say Now. You Have To Say No To Everybody Whether It May Be Your Friends, Family, Associates, Co-Workers, Or Your Hot And Sexy Girlfriend (Just Kidding). But The Most Difficult Sometimes You Have To Say No To Some Opportunities. You Have To Let It Go.
You Have To Set Boundaries Between Your Yes And Other Persons No. If You Failed To Do So And Keep On Being An “Yes Man” You Will Surely End Up With Being A Workaholic. So Are You Ready To Say No?

2)Be Accountable:-

2)Be Accountable


  Nobody Other In This Whole World Care For Your Money, Time, Values Or Other Things That Might Work As An Catalyst In Your Success. That is Why You Yourself Have To Be Accountable For Your Time And Money. The Best Way To Do So Is To Make A Schedule. You Have To Set Boundaries In Terms Of How Much Time You Can Spend On A Single Work? How Much Money Can You Spend On A Thing? Or Per Day?.
Once You Incorporate This Habit Of Being Accountable For Your Valuables You Will Soon See The Changes In Terms Of Increase, You Can See Your Money Growing, You Will Realize You Have Lot More Time Than Before. Go Give It A Try.

3)Defining Your Core Values:-

Defining Your Core Values


 While In  The Business, You Can Not Value Each And Every Thing On The Same Level Of Importance. There Is Always One Better Than The Other. You Have To Know Which One. You Have To Get Clear On Your Values.
Having Difficulty In Finding Your Core Values? Let Me Help.
Its An Easy Thing, Just Ask Yourself Why Did You Started Your Business?
List Out Your Answer. Mark Up Two Topmost Answers, And That is It        Those Are Your Core Values. It Can Be Anything It Can Be Massive Financial Freedom, Tons Of Free Time, Or The Feeling Of Self Independence. But At Last Those Are Your Core Values And You Have To Work Only Towards Achieving Those Values.

4)Create A Schedule:-

Create A Schedule


  In The Earlier Stage You Have Defined Your Core Values. Now You Have The Answer Of What, What You Should Work On, The Next Step Now Is To Get Clear On “How?” .For This You Have To Prepare A Schedule,
Here By Schedule, I Means The Whole Action Plan, And Just Not A Routine. In fact While Working Towards Your Values You Also Have To Forget Your Routine. You May Have To Skip The Breakfast Or Morning Walk, Or Up Late At Night. Now How To Prepare This Action Plan I Called “The Schedule”. Well If I Told You The Answer Is “You Know It Already” .Just Answer All The “WH” Questions Like “When? Where? How? How much? Etc.
While Answering These Questions Just Remember Keep Your Core Values In Mind.

5)Continues Improvement:-

Continues Improvement


 This Is Also One Of The Most Important Thing, Defining Values, Preparing The Schedule Does Not End The Task. You Have To Improve It Make Changes From Time To Time In It. With Each Phase Of Business Growth, Comes Further Refinement, Revisit Your Values And Schedule. Its Part Of A Never Ending Circular Spiral Of Upward Success.

So Here To Conclude,

To Create Success Without Being An Workaholic, You  Must:-

1)Learn To Say ''NO''

2)Be Accountable

3)Defining Your Core Values

4)Create A Schedule

5)Continues Improvement

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